Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Eutha Sixx - ...this could be an ambush

It's hard to encapsulate all I have to say about Eutha Sixx in one blog post. We were only active as a band for about a year but that year (early 1993-4) felt much longer. It was a time when the small town of Bristol, where we emerged, actually seemed to be experiencing somewhat of a renaissance in the local scene. Suddenly there were venues for original bands opening and there were crowds to fill them. Thinking about my small circle at that time I can't help but feel it was somewhat akin to the Zurich Dada. We were all involved in each others projects yet we all had our own thing. I remember taking part in poetry readings, plays, and comedy improv all wrapped up our own vaudeville style show at the local art gallery and cafes. In addition, most of this core group of maybe a dozen or so people also fronted bands. My friend James and I created Eutha Sixx during the fledgling beginnings of this period. After finding our rhythm section, Jason and Elijah, we quickly began playing shows. We were fans of all subgenres of rock and roll but, at the time, it was a mixture of early West coast punk, deathrock, and experimental noise that we were most influenced by. Eutha Sixx was our interpretation of this feeling in music. We played an uncertain number of shows, were fairly well received, and we had a great time doing it. This album is made up of our four track demos from 1993 and a decent recording of our final show at The Other Place in Bristol, Virginia on March 11 1994. Enjoy...

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